About me

Antonio Murgia
I am:Artist
About me

I was born in Sardinia, Italy. I studied Art at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano. I was involved in cinematography as filmaker, and worked in a private TV as director. I composed several pieces of electronic music. And now I am a professional painter by the last 25 years. I live and work in North Italy.

I'm present in many Italian galleries and exposed in several national and international Art Fairs.



Miami Art Fair

Vicenza Art Fair

Polin Gallery, Treviso: Spiderman and other hystories - solo exhibition



Padova Art Fair

Spring Art Saloon, Shanghai

Shanghai: Dalì & Murgia (FYR Gallery)

Guan Zhong Gallery, Shanghai: solo exhibition

Lugano Art Fair



MissArt Gallery, Limone sul Garda: group exhibition

1000 Bolle Art Gallery, Cosenza: group exhibition

Genova Art Fair

FYR Gallery, Florence: solo exhibition

Art Shanghai Saloon

Bund Garden Hotel: solo exhibition (FYR Gallery)

Beijing Art Fair

MIART Milano



Roma Art Fair

Collegio Cairoli, Pavia: solo exhibition

Polin Gallery, Treviso: group exhibition

Shanghai FYR Gallery: group Exhibition

Art in the City, Jesolo (Polin Gallery): solo & group exhibition

MissArt Gallery, Limone sul Garda: group exhibition

Dong Guan Art Fair, China



FYR Gallery, Florence: group exhibition

Polin Gallery, Treviso: ITALIAN POP ART - group exhibition

FYR Gallery, Florence: Dalla Toscana al mondo - group exhibition

Provence Art Gallery, Shanghai: Three ways to say Woman - group exhibition

Genova Art Fair

Biella: Art at slump's time - group exhibition



Trento Art Fair

Karen Jeng Art Space, Taiwan: solo exhibition

Padova Art Fair